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  • 2500 NEET based questions
  • High Yield KeyNotes Library



  • 2500 NEET based questions
  • High Yield KeyNotes Library



  • Past 5 years AIIMS
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  • High Yield KeyNotes Library


"The key notes are wonderful especially the image keynotes of pathology, community and ortho... It is a great app that helps you prepare the easily left out yet important topics... And I must admit..that gentle nudging notification...hey, doc, check out the 20 keynote image pathology..sounds almost similar to an old medical college friend saying.."c'mon yaar, let us do this together". Loved it."

Nikita Mary Baby

"It an amazing way to focus on your weak areas n revise quickly! Loving the app!"

Anubhuti jain

"This is my favourite of the lot. No useless ads or notification. And a treasure trove of mcqs and easy to remember notes."

"This is an amazing app for people who are preparing for NEET PG. It has all of the high yielding topics and last minute revision topics. Really liked the app. Thank u developers."

Noothan Palavalli

"Highly recommended for students preparing for PG entrance examination 1) Superb Quality questions that actually come in the exams 2) no wrong answers 3) good explanation 4) And gives you a daily boost to keep on preparing"

Ishani Lohchab

"It's a cool app with a nice user friendly interface. The idea of having daily quiz competing with other users and receiving reward gems for tracking your performance is fantastic. The brief explanations after each question is also very understandable. Key notes is another cool feature of this app. It's really helpful when you want to review important topics for the preparation of any standardised exams. Overall Good job done by the makers of this app. Thank you and hope you can still improve with creative ideas."

David Sydney Joy

"Nice I m icu resident it helped me lot to study small topic during duty hrs also. Thanks"